Nearly 3,000 people are incarcerated in women’s facilities across North Carolina.

Prison book projects offer one small way to break the isolation.

What is the NC Women's Prison Book Project?

The NC Women’s Prison Book Project is an all volunteer run collective that sends books and letters to people incarcerated in women’s prisons and jails across North Carolina. As a locally-oriented project engaged in our own community, we also send books and letters to people detained in the Durham County Jail.


About Us

We are an all-volunteer run project that focuses specifically on sending reading materials to people incarcerated in women's prisons in North Carolina.

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Prison Statistics

Women have become the fastest growing segment of the incarcerated population, with an 834% increase over the last 40 years (Prison Policy Initiative 2018).

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Donate Books

Do you have gently used paperback books that need a new home? Please consider donating them to our book project or hosting a fundraiser to help us.

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We need your support

We send approximately 15-25 packages of books and resource lists a week, spending between $50-70 dollars on postage. To continue providing this vital and life-giving service, we are in urgent need of your financial donation to help us with postage and packaging.

Love Letters

“Thank you so much for the books! I really appreciate what you all do and I think it’s great. I really, truly, wish there was more I could do besides just say “Thank you.” I’m such an avid reader and there are so many like us who have no way of receiving new books.”

— Letter from Virginia, incarcerated in North Carolina.

“Thanks for all you do for us that are locked up. You have helped many of us to break away from all these worries and trials with your books. I read the books you send me and it helps me to get out of these gates and walls. Thank you so very much.”   

– Always grateful, Terri